Ina Wunn,Patrick Urban,Constantin Klein's Götter - Gene - Genesis: Die Biologie der PDF

By Ina Wunn,Patrick Urban,Constantin Klein

Ist Gott in den Genen zu finden?

Ist faith göttlichen Ursprungs – oder doch ein natürliches, additionally biologisches Phänomen? Und wenn faith in unserer Biologie angelegt ist, wie und warum ist sie entstanden? Wie sehen ihre Anfänge aus, die ja sehr einfach gewesen sein müssen – faith im Einzellerstadium sozusagen! Wie entwickelte sie sich dann weiter, und lassen sich in dieser Entwicklung, wie bei der biologischen Evolution, Gesetzmäßigkeiten feststellen? Anders ausgedrückt: Gibt es eine Biologie der Religionen beziehungsweise eine Biologie der Religionsentstehung?

Dieses Buch unternimmt erstmalig den Versuch einer umfassenden Antwort auf diese Fragen. Die Autoren – Experten aus Biologie, Paläontologie, Psychologie, Religionswissenschaft und Theologie – entwerfen auf der foundation fächerübergreifender wissenschaftlicher Befunde ein Modell der Religionsentstehung, das das Aufkommen religiöser Verhaltensweisen schlüssig aus dem natürlichen Verhaltensrepertoire des Menschen erklärt. So wird die menschheitsgeschichtliche Entwicklung von Religiosität plausibel und nachvollziehbar. Wer wissen will, wie faith entstanden ist, wird in diesem breiten und sachkundigen Überblick die Antwort finden.


Die Götter fielen nicht vom Himmel – die biologischen Grundlagen der Religionsentstehung

Religion ist ein common verbreitetes Phänomen, und überall auf der Welt prägen religiöse Überzeugungen politisches und g

esellschaftliches Handeln. Viele Menschen wollen verstehen, warum faith trotz aller rationalen Kritik fortbesteht, und fragen deshalb auch nach ihren Anfängen und ihrer Entwicklung in der Menschheitsgeschichte.

Götter – Gene – Genesis ist der ehrgeizige Versuch dreier interdisziplinär arbeitender Autoren, den Ursprung von faith schlüssig und nachvollziehbar zu erklären. Ihr Buch verfolgt insofern einen originellen Ansatz, als es den aktuellen kognitionswissenschaftlichen und evolutionär-psychologischen Entwürfen zur Erklärung der Religionsentstehung eine ganz bewusst verhaltensorientierte Perspektive entgegensetzt: Religiöses Verhalten wird konsequent verhaltenswissenschaftlich – ethologisch, biologisch, psychologisch – erklärt. Entscheidende Faktoren für die frühe Entwicklung von Religiosität sind Territorialverhalten und Gefahrenabwehr, innerartliche Aggression und Ritualisierung, Angstbewältigung und Konfliktlösung sowie die kulturelle Evolution als Fortsetzung der biologischen Evolution. Mit der konsequenten Herausarbeitung der biologischen Grundlagen bietet das Buch einen Überblick zur Religionsentstehung, der sehr viel „bodenständiger“ und oft auch im Wortsinne „anschaulicher“ ist als manch andere, spekulative Entstehungsszenarien. Die Lektüre des Buches vermittelt dem Leser fundierte Kenntnisse über die Erscheinungsformen und Geschichte religiösen Verhaltens – und liefert so einen wichtigen Beitrag für die heute oft so emotional geführte Deba

tte zu


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Get Internal Ear Angioarchitectonic of Serpents (Advances in PDF

By M. Lüdicke

Serpents lack an exterior ear, a tympanic membrane, a tympanic hollow space, and a Eusta chain tube. those damaging yet very major features are visible phylogenetically, in particular in reference to the relief of the attention (Le., Nopsca, 1923; N.B., at the present time Pachyophis is grouped including the Simoliophidae, additionally Mahendra, 1938; partitions, 1940, 1942; Bellairs and Underwood, 1951). different authors point out those cha racteristics in reference to features of ingestion (Berman and Regal, 1967). They declare that the formation of a young tympanic membrane and a tympanic hollow space is incompatible with the mobility of the quadratum and its adjoining musculature. The power of sound might be transmitted both by way of the bones of the cranium or the otic tablet or by way of the intercalare (medially adjoining to the quadratum) with the stapes and the. base of the columella (for the intercalare or quite the extracolumella see De Beer, 1926 and 1937; McDowell, 1967). The vibrations of the gear extra to the vesti buloquadratum kind (Sertakowa, 1950) start up a stream of the perilymph within the sinus pericapsularis (sinus juxtastapedialis), within the cisterna perilymphatica and within the scala tympani with the helicotrema. This stimulates the feel organs of the papilla basilaris positioned at the membrana basilaris within the pars limbi of the ductus cochlearis full of endolymph.

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Download e-book for kindle: Thinking with Animals: New Perspectives on Anthropomorphism by Lorraine Daston,Gregg Mitman

By Lorraine Daston,Gregg Mitman

Is anthropomorphism a systematic sin? Scientists and animal researchers typically warn opposed to "animal stories," and distinction rigorous causes and statement to facile or even fanciful projections approximately animals. but many folks, scientists and researchers incorporated, proceed to determine animals as people and people as animals. As this cutting edge new assortment demonstrates, people use animals to go beyond the confines of self and species; in addition they enlist them to represent, dramatize, and light up points of people' event and fable. people merge with animals in tales, movies, philosophical speculations, and medical treatises. of their functionality with people on many levels and in several methods, animals flow us to think.

From Victorian vivisectionists to elephant conservation, from historical Indian mythology to puppy possession within the modern usa, our knowing of either animals and what it skill to be human has been formed through anthropomorphic considering. The participants to Thinking with Animalsexplore the how and why of anthropomorphism, drawing recognition to its wealthy and sundry makes use of. renowned students within the fields of anthropology, ethology, heritage, and philosophy, in addition to filmmakers and photographers, take a more in-depth examine how deeply and greatly methods of imagining animals have remodeled people and animals alike.

Essays within the ebook examine the altering styles of anthropomorphism throughout assorted time sessions and settings, in addition to their transformative results, either figuratively and actually, upon animals, people, and their interactions. reading how anthropomorphic pondering "works" in a variety of varied contexts, individuals show the ways that anthropomorphism seems to be remarkably worthy: it might advertise stable wellbeing and fitness and spirits, enlist help in political factors, promote items throughout obstacles of tradition of and nationality, crystallize and develop social values, and delay a philosophical replicate to the human predicament.

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Orangutans: Geographic Variation in Behavioral Ecology and by Serge A. Wich,S. Suci Utami Atmoko,Tatang Mitra Setia,Carel PDF

By Serge A. Wich,S. Suci Utami Atmoko,Tatang Mitra Setia,Carel P. van Schaik

This booklet describes one in all our closest kinfolk, the orangutan, and the one extant nice ape in Asia. it truly is more and more transparent that orangutan populations exhibit vast edition in behavioral ecology, morphology, existence historical past, and genes. certainly, at the power of the newest genetic and morphological proof, it's been proposed that orangutans truly represent species which diverged greater than one million years in the past - one at the island of Sumatra the opposite on Borneo, with the latter comprising 3 subspecies.

This ebook has major goals. the 1st is to rigorously examine information from each orangutan study web site, studying the diversities and similarities among orangutan species, subspecies and populations. the second one is to advance a theoretical framework within which those variations and similarities might be defined. to accomplish those objectives the editors have assembled the world's prime orangutan specialists to carefully synthesize and evaluate the information, quantify the similarities or transformations, and search to give an explanation for them.

Orangutans is the 1st synthesis of orangutan biology to undertake this novel, comparative process. It analyses and compares the most recent facts, constructing a theoretical framework to give an explanation for morphological, lifestyles heritage, and behavioral version. Intriguingly, now not all behavioral modifications may be attributed to ecological version among and in the islands; relative charges of social studying additionally seem to have been influential. The e-book additionally emphasizes the an important impression of human cost on orangutans and appears forward to the longer term clients for the survival of seriously endangered ordinary populations.

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Monkeytalk: Inside the Worlds and Minds of Primates by Julia Fischer,Frederick B. Henry Jr. PDF

By Julia Fischer,Frederick B. Henry Jr.

Monkey see, monkey do—or does she? Can the habit of non-human primates—their sociality, their intelligence, their communication—really be chalked as much as uncomplicated mimicry? Emphatically, completely: no. And as famed primatologist Julia Fischer unearths, the human bias inherent during this oft-uttered adage is our loss, for it is just in the course of the research of our primate brethren that we may well start to comprehend ourselves.

An eye-opening combination of storytelling, memoir, and technological know-how, Monkeytalk takes us into the sector and the world’s primate labs to enquire the intricacies of primate social mores throughout the lens of conversation. After first detailing the social interactions of key species from her fieldwork—from baby-wielding male Barbary macaques, who use babies as social add-ons in a number of interactions, to aggression one of the chacma baboons of southern Africa and male-male tolerance one of the Guinea baboons of Senegal—Fischer explores the position of social dwelling within the upward push of primate intelligence and communique, eventually asking what the ways that different primates speak can educate us in regards to the evolution of human language.

Funny and interesting, Fischer’s story roams from a dinner within the box shared with lionesses to insights gleaned from Rico, a border collie with an surprising vocabulary, yet its message is apparent: it truly is people who're the evolutionary mimics. The primate history noticeable in our species is way extra outstanding than the opposite, and it's the monkeys who need to be obvious. “The social lifetime of macaques and baboons is a powerful opera,” Fischer writes. “Permit me now to elevate the curtain on it.”

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Read e-book online Nitric Oxide and the Kidney: Physiology and Pathophysiology PDF

By Michael S. Goligorsky,Steven S. Gross

a couple of awesome fresh breakthroughs have made the examine of nitric oxide essentially the most fascinating fields in body structure and pathophysiology. This authoritative edited quantity studies the development thus far and opens views to novel diagnostic and healing techniques. The individuals are top authorites, in such a lot instances the investigators who've pioneered the guidelines explored in the book.

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Get Invertebrate Cell Culture Applications PDF

By Karl Maramorosch

Invertebrate phone tradition purposes assesses the prestige of invertebrate mobile tradition at a time while this system can be utilized to resolve difficulties in a couple of different disciplines.
Organized into seven chapters, this booklet starts off via discussing the improvement and amino acid standards of insect telephone tradition. It then describes the Drosophila tissue tradition and chromosomal phenomena in mobilephone traces of this organism. This ebook additionally explains the tradition stipulations regulating the an infection of cells by means of an intracellular microorganism, in addition to the replication of arboviruses in arthropod in vitro structures. finally, the features, development necessities, and functions of tick telephone tradition to parasitology are explored.
This ebook will give a contribution in fixing biomedical and agricultural difficulties. This reference fabric might be of designated curiosity to parasitologists, virologists, microbiologists, entomologists, geneticists, clinical researchers, and graduate scholars in comparable fields of biomedical research.

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Download e-book for iPad: Forebrain Atlas of the Short-tailed Fruit Bat, Carollia by Frank Scalia,John J Rasweiler IV,Jason Scalia,Rena

By Frank Scalia,John J Rasweiler IV,Jason Scalia,Rena Orman,Mark Stewart

The Forebrain Atlas of the Short-tailed Fruit Bat, Carollia perpicillata, is exclusive between mind atlases. not just is that this the 1st caliber atlas remedy of a bat species, however the atlas can be certain in its use of NeuN staining.
Carollia perpicillata, a tropical species, is the one bat that has basically been domesticated and will be maintained and propagated in a examine atmosphere using uncomplicated, reasonably cheap husbandry methods. The NeuN arrangements utilized in this atlas selectively stain neurons in a pointy black colour that fills not just the telephone physique yet extends a brief distance alongside the proximal dendrites. hence, as unique from the normal nissl stains, which generate a coloration of blue mostly limited to the telephone physique, the NeuN generates a quasi Golgi-like picture of the neurons. this gives a extra intimate view of the neurons than should be acquired from nissl staining. moreover, the historical past is basically white, facilitating high-contrast images and making an allowance for gray-tone representation with none lack of details. The NeuN technique doesn't stain axons, and because it doesn't stain glial cells or their nuclei, the noise commonly generated in nissl stains by way of the presence of glial cells one of the neurons and within the white subject is fullyyt eradicated.
The Forebrain Atlas of the Short-tailed Fruit Bat additionally contains nissl stained sections for 2 purposes: One, considering that a few readers might be strange with the NeuN photographs, it truly is worthwhile to incorporate conventional pictures for comparability. extra importantly, it's identified that NeuN isn't really expressed in yes neurons, resembling Purkinje cells, olfactory bulb mitral cells, and the cells of the paraventricular and supraoptic nuclei. The nissl stained sections are therefore integrated to supply complementary perspectives of such buildings. ​
The atlas might be helpful for college students and investigators doing neuroscience study on bat and different mammalian species, in addition to scholars of comparative biology, zoology, mind evolution, and the historical past of neuroanatomical analysis.

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New PDF release: The Biology of Chameleons

By Krystal A. Tolley,Anthony Herrel

they modify colour counting on their temper. They own uniquely tailored arms and ft targeted from different tetrapods. They function independently movable eyes. This complete quantity delves into those attention-grabbing information and thorough examine approximately essentially the most charismatic households of reptiles—Chameleonidae.

Written for pro herpetologists, students, researchers, and scholars, this publication takes readers on a voyage throughout time to find every thing that's recognized approximately chameleon biology: anatomy, body structure, variations, ecology, habit, biogeography, phylogeny, class, and conservation.

A description of the usual heritage of chameleons is given, besides the fossil list and normal features of every genus. The kingdom of chameleons within the smooth international can also be depicted, whole with new details at the so much severe threats to those outstanding reptiles.

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Anatomy and Physiology: Anatomy and Physiology v. 1 - download pdf or read online

By Geoffrey Bourne

The Rhesus Monkey, quantity I: Anatomy and body structure discusses the anatomic and physiological dimension, microscopic anatomy, studying, abilities, basic habit, and vocalization of rhesus monkey.
The rhesus monkey (Macaca mulatta) is established for biomedical and mental reports. hence, a major fund of clinical details comes in papers and a few gathered facts. This e-book is usually a set of information from over 2000 papers on rhesus monkey. It covers themes at the cerebral angiography, electrocardiogram, and vector cardiogram of the rhesus monkey. It additionally offers more information on morphology and serve as of rhesus kidney; the advance and eruption of tooth in rhesus; and the histology and histochemistry of the rhesus monkey.
This publication serves as a useful reference paintings for all who paintings with this primate.

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