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It is our pleasure to introduce and present Laura & Partners Consulting Limited (LPCL). As organizations jostle for market share in the globalised market place, success may well depend on the ability to leverage on purpose-designed business solutions. Laura Sitali

Laura Sitali - Partner

Our vision to establish this firm has been inspired by the economic progress that is being experienced not only in Zambia but across the region as a whole. We believe that the opportunities presented by this unprecedented growth particularly in Zambia provides an environment in which firms such as yours should increasingly draw on unique business solutions provided by LPCL.
Maxwell Chalwe

Maxwell Chalwe - Manager

Business environment and prospects have never been better for firms to focus on their core activities, as they farm out the provision of other business solutions. It is our view therefore, that strategic collaborations between your firm and LPCL in the provision of specialist's business solutions will enable your firm maximize the value presented by the economic revival in Zambia and the opportunities emerging in the region.
Lessons learnt in the preceding decades and centuries will become instructive as we march towards the 22nd Century. As economies become more interdependent there will be a need to review the way organizations conduct business, their operations, systems, and people and governance structures to comply with international best practices while promoting shareholder value. Dunda Mwanza

Dunda Mwanza - Associate

Our Vision and mission therefore, is to provide advisory services that are focused and integrated and are aimed at enhancing decision making in order to achieve a positive and lasting impact on your business.


We thank you.

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