Strategic Review and Development


At LPCL, we help our clients define their long term view and direction accurately by providing insight into their strategic position and capabilities. We then help our clients through identifying the strategic choices at their disposal looking at both their environment and their capabilities. We also have expertise in clearing the clatter of defining a clear vision and mission for our clients.


If desired, we do help our clients through structural design and change management resulting from their strategic choices. We ordinarily initiate the process with a detailed review of performance against targets and identification of the level of review and change that is required for existing strategies. The review of the old strategic plan and facilitation of a new strategy will involve the assessment of the initial vision and scope upon which the strategy was built in order to determine whether or not the milestones and plans were achieved. In order  not to fall prey to strategic drift; which is the failure by the organisation to keep pace with the changes in the environment because strategy development has been incremental rather than transformational, we also take a closer look at the vision and mission to identify if they still represent what the firm stands for and its aspirations.


We undertake an assessment of the environment in which the business operates to take stock of the realities likely to beset the business or organisation in one way or another. The environmental assessment involves the assessment of the Political, Economic, Social, Technological, Environmental and Legal environment in which the organisation operates. The environmental assessment is vital for the organisation so that the institutional strategy is in alignment with the environmental forces impacting the organisation.

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