Our Beliefs


At LPCL, our beliefs are as important to us as the services we provide. To us, this simply means that our beliefs are the heart of our firm. In today's business environment, interconnectedness has become more and more important. To us, this means standing on the same solid platform of beliefs. We recognize how much this has impact on our people, clients and partnerships!

We deeply believe in:


Partnerships: "best consulting relationships are those that are built on collaboration"

We work for and with our clients in an open relationship of service and partnership. We believe that the best consulting relationships are those that are build on collaboration in which the clients seeks honest and objective advice on their business challenges. At LPCL this means that we become an arm within the client's business.

Timely Delivery with Uncompromising Quality: "we are accountable for ensuring quality in everything we do"

Our forte is built on an unwavering pursuit of quality in fulfilling our client's needs within the agreed time frames. We are accountable for ensuring quality in everything we do to inspire trust and build confidence in our services.

Passion driven client service: “not just service delivery, to us it means looking beyond our commercial interests"

Our client comes first. This means that we deliver value that exceeds our client's expectations. We are truly passionate about our clients and the industry in which they operate. It is not just service delivery, to us it means looking beyond our commercial interests in order to put our clients interests first. Their success is a measure of our success!

Building clients Capabilities: "seize every opportunity to build our clients capabilities"

Our work culture transcends our borders as a business. Put simply, our culture is replicated as a work culture within our client's organization. We seize every opportunity to build our clients capabilities and foster a culture in which our clients can fully participate in our engagements so that the wheels keep turning even when we are long gone.

Change: “welcome the change"

As change agents, we recognize change as the only constant in a successful business. We welcome the change that is presented in industry and seize every opportunity to embrace to help our clients embrace and manage this change.

Work Life Balance: "our people can work SMART"

LPCL is passionate about its people, what they do and how they do it. We therefore support a work life environment that is balanced. This means that in providing a world class service we commit to ensuring that all engagements go through a vigorous process of planning so that our people can work SMART. We know that certain engagements call for extended working hours however we ensure that the project gets back on course to create a balanced work environment. By helping our people to put "first things first", we ensure that their families and work are one whole and never come into conflict.

Fun and Passion:
"are committed to having fun while creating value"

LPCL is a great place to work. We are truly proud of the work culture that we have created and continue to create, the successes that we are scoring and the synergies that exist among our people. Most important is the energy that exudes from within our firm and our people as they go about creating value for our clients. We enjoy doing what we do and the fun that is derived from doing it. We are proud to be known as a firm with people who are committed to having fun while creating value for our clients and our firm. It is not all about making money but having the passion and fun while making the money!

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