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Laura & Partners Consulting Limited (LPCL) is a dynamic Zambian owned boutique management consulting firm established in 2011.  We are located in Lusaka Zambia.  We offer integrated management advisory services to the public, private and nongovernmental sectors.


Laura & Partners was established in response to the economic growth and investment opportunities that have arisen across different economic sectors in Zambia and the region.  Laura & Partners envisage to become the next frontier in supporting businesses across all sectors to manage and sustain this growth as they move forward to maximize their revenues.


Our service focuses on People, Strategy, Performance Improvements and Operations and Governance. From our perceptive these are the most important business areas in an organization as all results that a business achieves are centered around these key areas.


We believe we are uniquely placed to become your partner by supporting your business to attain its goals and objectives.  At LPCL, we just don’t provide advisory services, we partner with you to effect change that makes a lasting difference on your business.  At LPCL we measure our success in terms of our client’s success.  We are passionate about keeping the long terms interests of our clients.


Our consultants deliver on innovative and sustainable solutions that will deliver top line and bottom line growth.  We are easy to work with and enjoy keeping our solutions and approaches simple and cost effective.


The LPCL Vision

To bring value to our company by achieving market leadership, operational excellence and  superior client service through our people, partnerships and our services – everywhere every time!


LPCL Mission statement

We leverage on our expertise and unprecedented partnerships in our commitment to achieving standards of excellence by providing world-class consulting advisory services to maximize the potential of “our clients” and “our people”.  We will continue to refine our partnerships in delivering best value and quality, expand our capabilities, increase our efficiency, cost effectiveness as we heighten the standards of excellence and professionalism we set in all industries.


Our Service Focus

Our services are designed to deliver on quality within the tight time frames.  We focus on the following functional service lines:

  1. Strategic Review and Development
  2. Performance Improvement
  3. Human Capital.

Why come to us?

  • We are a firm that focuses on value creation as we support our clients make solid decisions.
  • We are not a Public Relations firm; we do what we have said to do and are fully committed to be your partner.
  • We develop strong collaboration with our clients and external consultants and experts.
  • We become fully integrated with our client and measure our success based on the client’s success.
  • We are fair and honest with our clients and pursue win-win solutions.
  • We deliver on our engagements on time with quality and on budget
  • We are easy to work with and we implement methodologies that are simple to understand and execute.
  • Our project management techniques are flexible and our interventions bring about skills transfer, which have a lasting impact on the business of our client.
  • We know our industries.

Our Beliefs

At LPCL, our beliefs and values are equally as important as the services we provide.  To us, this simply means that our beliefs and values are the heart of firm.   In today’s business environment, interconnectedness has become more and more important. To us this means standing on the same platform of beliefs and values.  We recognize how much this has impact on our people, clients and partnerships! These are the beliefs and core values that guide LPCL’s approach to doing business:


We deeply believe in:

Partnerships: “best consulting relationships are those that are build on collaboration”


We work for and with our clients in an open relationship of service and partnership.  We believe that the best consulting relationships are those that are build on collaboration in which the clients seeks honest and objective advise on their business challenges.  At LPCL this means that we become an arm within the client’s business.


Timely Delivery with Uncompromising Quality: “accountable for ensuring quality in everything we do”


We dedicate our resources to meet our clients’ needs within the agreed time frames without comprising quality.  We are accountable for ensuring quality in everything we do to inspire trust and build confidence in our services.


Passion driven client service: “not just service delivery, to us it means looking beyond our commercial interests”


Our client comes first.  This means that we deliver more value that exceeds our client’s expectations.  We are truly passionate about our clients and the industry in which they operate.  It’s not just service delivery, to us it means looking beyond our commercial interests in order to put our clients interests first. Their success is a measure of our success!


Building clients Capabilities: “cease every opportunity to build our clients capabilities”


Our work culture transcends our borders as a business.  Put simply our culture is a replicated as a work culture within our client’s organization.  We cease every opportunity to build our clients capabilities and foster a culture in which our client can fully participate in our engagements.  When we are long gone- the wheels keeps turning!


Passion for Innovations: “invest in our people and new innovations”


Our people bring the best of themselves to our clients.  This means that we invest in our people and new innovations as part of our scorecard.  This investment serves to bring contemporary innovative solutions that will bring lasting benefits to our clients. In a business landscape that is consistently changing, investment in people and innovation are the key to succeeding as a business.


Change: “welcome the change”


We welcome the change that is presented in industry and cease every opportunity to embrace this change.

Fun and Passion: “are committed to having fun while creating value”

LPCL is a great place to work.  We are truly proud of the work culture that we have created and continue create, the successes that we are scoring and the synergies that exist among our people.  Most importantly, is the energy that is exuberant from within our firm and our people as they enjoy doing that they do and the fun that is derived from doing what they do.  We are proud to be known as firm with people who are committed to having fun while creating value for our clients and our firm.  It not all about making money but having the passion and fun while making the money!



Our core values are:

Integrity: “execute with fairness, accountability, and transparency in an honest way”

Integrity is fundamental to our working relationships of our past, present and future success of your firm.  Relationships based on honesty and trust are key not only to our success, but the success of our people clients and our partners.  LPCL commit to execute with fairness, accountability, and transparency in an honest way with the highest standard of conduct. 

Our People: “principle of one firm”


We are a people centric firm and our people are the most valuable resource.  They possess the powers of skills, innovation, and creation.  We are who we are because of the significant contribution of each member of our organization.  Our people enable our firm to realize its full potential.  Our firm revolves around the principle of one firm.  This means that all our staff identifies themselves as leaders and bring the best of themselves to the table. We exercise leadership in developing a thought process on all aspects of our services and communicate these thoughts with our people and clients effectively.  We share and resolve problems as a team and our solution is carefully analyzed before recommendation and implementation.  Ours is a firm of Leaders!


Personal Growth and Balance: “sharpening our skills to meet today’s business challenges”


We value personal growth and balance because this is fundamental to consulting.  Our people are constantly sharpening our skills to meet today’s business challenges.  This means we create a learning environment that allows our people to make significant contributions to our firm, clients, partners and our community.


Work Life Balance:” our people can work SMART”


LPCL is passionate about it people, what they do and how they do it.  We therefore support a work life environment that is balanced.  This means that in providing a world class service we commit to ensuring that all engagement go through a vigorous process of planning so that our people can work SMART.  We know that certain engagement call for extended working hours however we ensure that the project gets back on course to create a balanced work environment.


Value Creation: “set high standards for value creation”


At LPCL value creation is top of our delivery scorecard.  We have set high standards for value creation and our people live and breathe this value.  We go beyond demonstrating knowledge to proving insights into the business that gives our clients a rethink into their ways of doing things.  We bring out that willingness to take action and deliver in a way that has not been done before in a way that will transform business’s competitiveness and bottom-line.  LPCL holds itself accountable to value creation!


Excellence: “put the best foot forward”


Our priority is to put the best foot forward and stay focused on doing the right thing.  We are proactive in finding a solution that works for our client.


Listening: “value the opinions of others”


We value the opinions of others in our commitment to providing world class service delivery.  We thrive on fresh ideas to address today’s business challenges and recognize the lasting benefits that this will channel into our business and that of the client.


Social Stewardship: “responsibility for the good of our community”


We are passionate about the community we operate in.  We take responsibility for the good of our community and support community activities related to educating the underprivileged children in our community.


Our Approach

At LPCL we do not believe in a one glove fits all approach.  We therefore, do not use standardized approach across clients and industries.  Each solution is grounded based on the client, their organizational context and position on the market place.

Our Seven Step (SS) approach is derived from best practice


Intervention 1: Project Launch/Kick Off


A project launch meeting is undertaken to inform all project stakeholders of the project and introduce the Consulting team.


Intervention 2: Project Needs Assessment


A needs assessment review is undertaken to identify and establish the specifics of the project.


Intervention 3: Solution Design


Development and design of a solution that meets the requirement of the client based on their needs.


Intervention 4: Implementation of Solution


Solution is implemented including Change Management Plan.  This includes midterm term reviews, reporting and/or progress report.


Intervention 5: Training and Capacity Building


Training and client capacity building is undertaken to ensure that staff have the required conceptual skills, practical understanding of the solution which has been developed and implemented.


Intervention 6: Final Reporting


Upon implementation of the solution and completion of training, we formalize our finding into our final presentation and final deliverable and handover of solution to client.


Intervention 7: Post Implementation support


Support is provided to clients to ensure that skills and knowledge is available on an ongoing basis.


At LPCL we are deeply enshrined in the principle of partnerships with multiple organisations and people in delivering a world class service to our clients.  We draw on our pool of external expertise to assemble a robust team of skills and knowledge in developing and delivering the right solution to our client the first time! At present we have partnered with the following organizations in Africa:

  • South Africa: Emergence Growth
  • Zimbabwe: MS Human Resource

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